Alas Blancas Drinks

Enjoy a great combination of flavors specially designed for you to enjoy the best. Explosion of flavors that you will not find anywhere else! Enjoy the best of Alas Blancas Drinks!


Signature Drinks

Schedule: 2:00 - 22:00 hrs


Mezcalita ·$160

Inspired by Sayulita’s warm afternoons, made with fresh passion fruit. 400 Conejos Mezcal, a touch of basil and scented with a citrus infusion. (450ml)

Tamara ·$160

Made with mezcal Union, tamarind pulp, black raspberryChambord liqueur and frosted with tajin chilli.(430ml)

Vampi ·$170

Delicious mescalini from Jamaica with anise, red wine reduction and a touch of Ancho Reyes, you will love it! (500ml)

Cecelic ·$160

Refreshing based on citrus oil, Montelobos mezcal, nixta and top of quina water.(500ml)

Kingstone ·$160

Fresh cocktail made with Jameson whiskey, hibiscus infusion, pineapple, and basil (400ml)

Moscow Mule ·$160

We love the Moscow Mule, made with Grey Goose, ginger beer and fresh mint (450ml)

Ala Colada ·$160

Made with coconut rum, almond and apricot liqueur, and pineapple (550ml)

May Flower ·$160

Fresh cocktail made with St. Germain, white Espolón tequila, with a floral touch and citrus mezcal. (240ml)

Caimán ·$160

Fresh cocktail based on green absinth, pineapple syrup, cardamom and ginger, so refreshing that you will love it! (500ml)

Coctelería Alas Blancas


Espolon ·$150

Traditional lemon margarita made with white espolon tequila. (240ml )

Cadillac Margarita ·$300

Made with Grand Marnier and Don Julio 70 tequila(240ml)

Say Classic ·$110

Lemon margarita made with Compadre agave distillate. (240ml )

Green Day ·$150

Cucumer margarita, lime and José Cuervo Jimador Reposado tequila (240ml )

Uno, dos y tres ·$160

made with tamarind, chilli and Don Julio Blanco tequila (240ml)

Passion Spring ·$160

Margarita made with fresh pasion fruit and Traditional Reposado tequila (240ml)

Ginger Love ·$190

Delicious strawberry margarita, ginger, agave syrup, and Don Julio 70 tequila (240ml)

Margarita Alas Blancas

2x1 Margaritas from 18:00-20:00 hrs

Craft Beers

Cayaco ·$94

lager ligth (355ml )

Colimita ·$94

lagger (355ml )

Paramo ·$94

Pale ale (355ml )

Piedra Lisa ·$94

Session IPA (355ml)

Rio de Lumbre ·$94

IPA (355ml )

Mexican Beers

Regular ·$45

Pacífico, Corona, Victoria, Corona Light (355ml )

Special ·$45

Negra Modelo, Modelo Especial, Michelob (355ml )

Beer Cocktails

Chelada ·$57

Beer mixed with lime and salt (500ml )

Michelada ·$62

Beer mixed with lime, hot sauce, and salt (500ml )

Cielo rojo ·$104

Beer mixed with a spicy blend and Clamato juice (1000ml )

Alas  Blancas Cerveza

White Wine

Viña Maipo ·$90 | $360

Sauvignion Blanc
150 ml | 750 ml

Alma Mora ·$120 | $480

Pinot Grigio
150 ml | 750 ml

Casillero del Diablo ·$130 | $520

150 ml | 750 ml

Red Wine

Viña Maipo ·$90 | $380

Cabernet Sauvignon
150 ml | 750 ml

Alma Mora ·$120 | $480

150 ml | 750 ml

Casillero del Diablo ·$130 | $520

150 ml | 750 ml

alas blancas vinos

More Cold Drinks

Special Limonade ·$68

*Strawberry and rosemary
*Raspberry and basil
*Ginger and mint
*Passion Fruit
(450ml )

Traditional Limonade ·$40

(450ml )

Orangeade ·$40

(450ml )

Soft Drinks ·$35


Sparkling Water Topochico ·$45

(355ml )

Water ·$25

(500ml )

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